National Homeopathic Service

Registered Charity No. 1056716

Homeopathic Helpline

07956 208694


24hr free
advice line.

What is the National Homeopathic Service?

The National Homeopathic Service is a registered charity based in London, which was set up in 1996 with two clear aims:

  1. To provide free and low cost homeopathic treatment to disadvantaged people, including those with mental health needs, drug users and the homeless.
  2. To carry out research and evaluate the benefits and effectiveness of homeopathic treatment.

Plans For The Future of Our Homeopahtic Services

Today working with the disadvantaged is still our main focus, and we are keen to extend our services more widely in the community, and specifically to more individuals with mental health needs, drug users, and the homeless, either in their day care, drop-ins or residential centres. We also would like to offer our services to Pregnant Mothers, their new babies, children under 10 and their Fathers (via our ‘Home Visit Service’).

We can also recommend other complimentary therapists.

We look forward to hearing, meeting and helping you.

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